About us

Jake and Becky Lock are a married couple both working in the public sector, Jake holds a full time role in the emergency services whilst Becky is an up and coming Primary school teacher. The couple have lived in The South London area for 3 years but have strong connections to the midlands where Jake and Becky met at school. Due to rising house prices in the UK they have been unable to buy a property and have been saving as and when they can to try and put together an ever rising deposit. When the opportunity was offered to Jake and Becky to work together in order to secure; financial freedom , a mortgage and even early retirement with a home based business that they could operate in their spare time they jumped at the opportunity.

Jake and Becky are partnered with a highly successful FTSE 250 PLC who are listed on the London stock exchange, licensed by Ofgem. The phenomenal growth has all been achieved by word of mouth referral marketing in helping residential customers and small to medium businesses save money.

Jake and Becky are also helping others to start their journey by given them the opportunity to realise their dreams, whether it be to save for a mortgage, pay off credit card bills, buy a new car, take holidays or earn money for an early retirement. Jake and Becky not only have a strong teamwork ethic, enthusiasm and determination but they have a firm belief in the importance of living life to the full and seizing every opportunity when it presents itself. They believe that by aiming high and with the highest level of commitment to their family, friends and business, they will achieve their goals that will ultimately change their lives forever.

Get in touch with us and save today Tel 07793 080 890 / 07860 856 937 Email jb@savewiththelocks.co.uk